Lost Property

Every day, countless items are left behind in Taxis.

Phones are very popular, along with wallets, keys and even the odd shoe.

We encourage all our customers to get a receipt from the driver on completion of your journey.

If you do leave anything behind, it makes finding it much easier.

Any items found by our drivers will be handed in to lost property as soon as practical.

In order to find the owner of items handed in, it needs to be reported.

    Your name

    Your contact number

    Your email address

    Date item was lost

    Time item was lost

    Pickup location

    Drop off location

    Booked or hailed

    Item description

    Taxi # (if known)

    Alternatively, you can call (02)9981 6666 (option 1) and leave a message. We will log the item and contact you if we need more information or if the item is found.

    If you have recently exited a taxi (up to 1 hour ago) and have left something behind, please call us.
    With your receipt, Taxi number, or the phone booking details ready, call our call centre on 9972 5600 and speak to our operators.
    If able to do so, the driver can look for the item, and if found, will keep it safe until it is returned.
    If the item is found, our drivers can return the item to our offices for collection, or can return the item to you.
    If you do request the item to be returned immediately, the driver may charge a fare for doing so.

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